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Bringing all-inclusive studio hire to the UK with TOG Studios.

TOG Studios

Branding, Strategy, Business Development, Copywriting 2018

The Brief

To launch TOG Studios - a revolutionary new concept in production studio hire - and fill it with bookings.

The Strategy

Open up broadcast-quality content creation to anybody with a story to tell.

The Solution

A invitation to take your content to the next level. Made possible by all-inclusive packages, lead generation activity and a powerful CRM.

TOG Studios is a breadth of fresh in an otherwise complacent and complicated industry.

Imagine if hiring studio space was suddenly as simple as booking a meeting room, and included all the kit, sets, expertise and post-production support you need to bring your idea to life. If the end-to-end service represented 5-star hospitality and without the premium cost. That’s the powerful promise behind TOG Studios - a joint venture between master content creators Green Rock and co-working pioneers The Office Group.

Existing competition were typically blank canvas: empty spaces where everything is an add-on or on a bring-your-own basis, often found in industrial estates. Pricing was opaque and managing a production involved gathering all of the individual components yourself, adding unnecessary days and costs to a production. All in all, a business model ripe for disruption.

TOG Studios broadcast balcony
TOG Studios canteen

Your story is your art and this is your canvas

For the brand to hit home it needed to spark people’s imagination and sell the creative possibilities of the studio. TOG Studios is made for the fast-paced, always-on world of digital TV and online content. They offer speed, flexibility and guaranteed turnaround times to get you in-front of audiences in record time.

TOG Studios is a place to champion fresh formats, talent and ideas.

By focussing on these virtues, TOG Studios opens up the studio environment to a new generation of content creators and helps those already doing so to raise their game.

Like No Other were called upon to brand and launch this revolutionary new concept in studio hire, ensuring a steady stream of new booking enquiries.

This included:

  • Developing a brandworld for TOG Studios with a clear narrative, visual identity and connection points
  • Landing a successful launch via industry press, launch events and pilot productions
  • A fit-for-purpose website that takes prospects as far as possible down the sales journey
  • An integrated offer presented across all touchpoints, delivering the promised brand experience
  • Setting up a GDPR compliant HubSpot database, generating valuable intelligence that helps to identify and nurture sales leads
  • Sales outreach and PPC/SEO activity to generate high-quality studio hire leads
  • Inbound marketing - leaving a trail of useful content for creators, brands and broadcasters to follow
TOG Studios - Mary Portas
TOG Studios - Gallery


TOG Studios packs a powerful punch, combining the thrill of creative possibility with fewer barriers to entry for aspiring storytellers.

Like No Other successfully landed this positioning in the market and delivered a pipeline of potential productions in the form of opportunities to quote.

Consumer appetite for innovative content is currently undergoing an explosion with 64% of marketing departments expecting video to dominate their strategies in the near future. TOG Studios is well placed to ride this wave and transform how broadcast-quality content is created forever.