The last thing the world needs is another marketing agency.

So why do we exist?

As a force for good.

Sure, selling stuff is important, but marketing can also answer a higher calling. We lend our original thinking and engaging storytelling to making things better and making better things. No exceptions. As a fiercely independent agency, staying true to these values is our call alone to make.

If that’s not enough, we also find that righting wrongs and solving social issues makes for far more interesting clients. It’s why we call our work ‘adventures’ and not ‘projects’.

Force for good marketing - Agency mission - Like No Other

To create the future.

We partner with clients to imagine and invent the future of their industries. Our obsession with what’s next and what’s possible goes beyond making brands future-ready or putting corporates and start-ups in the same room. Together we charter new waters and blaze new trails for the common good.

When we’re not this for others, we do so for ourselves. As a startup studio, Like No Other has ventured into co-working, publishing, mediatech and martech. All of these experiences mean we’re better placed to help our clients and their marketing departments to reconfigure for tomorrow and bring about lasting change.

Astronaut - Marketing agency of the future

To unleash infectious ideas.

Life’s too short for boring work. We develop infectious ideas that travel far and demand a reaction, be it to surprise, delight, provoke, prod, awaken, involve, urge or buy. To do so involves hanging out at the edges of society, technology and category norms to find new inspiration. Fuelled by this endless curiosity, we pride ourselves on finding the gaps others never knew existed and with infectious ideas as their unfair advantage, our partners can innovate at speed and supercharge their marketing.

World's best ideas agency - Like No Other

Making the impossible happen.

We are our most enthusiastic and devastating with big problems. Like No Other happily move towards long-shots, last-minute launches and fighting for lost causes. Truth be told, much of what we’re asked to do we have no right to get involved in. As proponents of upstream marketing, we’re normally the first people to spot and try something, and we take great pleasure in beating bad odds.

So if you are wondering whether we’re right for your project, the answer is yes. Want to shake-up your sector? Launch an innovative new product? Rebrand your city? Win a giant culture bid? Launch a new publication? YES, YES and YES!

David Vs Goliath image

With as little as possible.

We are the most resourceful agency on the planet. And proudly so.

With a bootstrapping backbone, both Like No Other and the budgets we can work with are smaller than many people think. Unlike most agencies, we enjoy the unsexy challenge of doing more with less. And because our work is delivered so effectively through infectious ideas, empowered partners and marketing automation trickery, you don’t need to pay a penny more than you absolutely have to.

Most resourceful agency on the planet