Bringing happiness to HR

Reinvigorating a legacy HR provider as a challenger in new markets.


Branding, Strategy, Planning, Research Spring 2018

The Brief

Develop a marketing strategy to pursue new opportunities and ignite change in a sleeping giant.

The Strategy

“Helping you to be HR happy”

The Solution

A inside-out repositioning of PACT as the best guardian of an organisation’s overall HR health. Now and in the future. Supported by new product development and customer nurturing activity.

PACT is a HR provider spun out of City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council. It began its life offering support to schools and academies across the district, enjoying a mini-monopoly in the process.

Fast-forward to today and things are very different; the market is incredibly competitive and innovation is rife. Change or be changed. PACT wanted to meet the challenge head-on and forge a future as the forward-thinking HR partner to ambitious academies and commercial businesses.

We were asked to articulate the team’s future vision and devise a unifying plan to revitalise its core services and expand its customer base. A new era for PACT and for HR.

HR Happiness

Priceless prevention versus costly cure

PACT save their customers from the hellish complexity and toxicity of bad HR practices. Everything is easier, less stressful and as it should be.

This refreshed positioning as a HR saviour saw them liberate businesses to do what they do best and presented plenty of opportunities to add value every day. It would come with a simple brand promise:

Helping you to be HR happy

Reasons to believe came in the form of their people and their superior advice, a new pipeline of handy technology and tools, and new subscription-based pricing models. A more deliberate approach to new ideas would continue to drive incremental innovation and discover big bets.

Last but not least, a simple framework was developed as the backbone for all future communications. Dialogue shifting to become more open and ongoing.


With renewed purpose and belief, marketing quickly became an important part of everybody’s role at the HR provider, feeding into more pro-active, empowering and speedier problem-solving. This elevated business peace of mind to “happiness”, packaged as process-busting service improvements and healthier HR indicators.

The result was a lean, keen challenger, ready to take on new markets and lead the way in the changing world of HR.