Better business with Big Smiles

Helping businesses and their people grow together through workplace wellbeing.

Big Smiles

Branding, Strategy, Planning, Copywriting 2018

The Brief

To brand and launch a new employee wellbeing consultancy.

The Strategy

You can only grow if your people glow. Big Smiles is a long-term solution in a short-term world.

The Solution

Creating a well-oiled digital marketing machine around Big Smiles’ holistic take on workplace wellness and their innovative package of services.

Big Smiles is a new consultancy helping companies large and small to find calm amongst the chaos of modern business.

They provide practical solutions for executives and employees to call on to improve their long-term mental wellbeing. This ranges from wellness coaching and workshops, through to retreats with a dash of windsurfing.

For individuals, their support can be life-changing. For employers, not only is it the right thing to do, it’s also markedly better for the bottom line. With some 60% of companies reporting their employee wellbeing at moderate to very low, it’s a problem many companies are recognising needs fixing. However, good intentions do not always translate to pro-active support. Fewer than one in 10 of UK organisations have a standalone wellbeing strategy. Many rely on one-off initiatives instead.

So how would we change that?

Unpicking the silent competition: inertia

Big Smiles were set to enter a busy market with lots of theories but no dominant narrative. Very few people would argue against the benefits of a happy and healthy workforce, but there’s no one route to get there.

Wellness professionals sitting on years’ of experience were arguably tied to narrow perspectives and textbook-like approaches. Unable to change themselves, let alone their clients.

Newer approaches tended to be surface-level and buzzword-heavy. Driven by big personalities with even bigger SEM budgets.

With Alex at the helm, Big Smiles could combine wisdom with infectious curiosity to scan the entire wellness landscape for the best solution for each individual client. They could stand-out by doing so in a way that is engaging and actionable on a human level yet laser-focused on business results.

Preparing for the big launch

To launch the consultancy, Like No Other helped to land this positioning and compile all of the ingredients needed to build a movement and generate leads.

This included: refining early services; the launch of a new website and associated content strategy; setting-up HubSpot CRM; plotting sales activity and forging connections with industry influencers.

Big Smiles was joining a large pre-existing wellness ecosystem and would rely on alliances to offer a more complete package of support. They could not afford to be an island. We extended our marketing support to finding ways to co-exist with the competition and form mutually-beneficial relationships with complementary suppliers, business networks and promising wellness start-ups.

We came to Like No Other when Big Smiles was just an idea. The new brand and marketing strategy paved the way for a flourishing future as the business world’s most impactful wellness partner. Stuart also offered support through his networks, connecting us with industry influencers.

Alex Burbidge


By balancing tested techniques with breakthrough technologies, and human impact with business scale, Big Smiles is now well placed to make a real difference to companies large and small.

We particularly enjoyed being brought in to the project when Big Smiles was nothing but an idea. This led to us creating the building blocks for an authentic brand and a low-cost digital marketing engine, graduating prospects from free advice and useful tools into happy, long-term customers. We hope this continues to serve Alex and the rest of the Big Smiles team for many years to come.