Forget 9–5. This is your working day of the future.

The workplace revolution is underway. Fueled by a better way to communicate, collaborate, prioritise or automate, a whole new way of hustling is here.

Now imagine your workplace embraced all the innovations on offer. How would it change your working day? We’ve glimpsed into the (near) future of work and here’s what it looks like.

  • Stop scheduling your own meetings: Let Amy do it

The newest AI personal assistant on the block was built for one job only but boy does she do it well. Simply copy Amy into an email and, hey presto, you’ll never have to book your own meetings again.

  • Let the best ideas float to the top, not just the loudest

Ready to sort out that niggling problem? Start a Baloonr and before you know it you’ll have lots of anonymous, bias-free ideas from colleagues and customers.

  • Become a prolific publisher with a single click

Want to write better content? Simply share your rough thinking with CopyAI or Unbounce’s Smart Copy AI writing assistant and it’ll to do the rest.

  • Find a moment of peace in your own open-plan bubble

Noise-cancelling bedrooms are here. The office will soon follow. Carve out your out quiet space for contemplation amidst the hustle and bustle.

  • Super-charge your networking

Facial profiling technology now allows you to get an instant snapshot of somebody’s personality and likely buying habits. Creepy stuff.

  • Find a quicker path up the career ladder

Swap the outdated performance review for Zugata’s non-stop feedback, self-reflection and coaching. Perfect for ambitious employees keen to take charge of their own destiny.

  • Tick more off your to-do list’s is a to-do list that does itself. Want to hire a venue? Congratulate a client with flowers? Consider it done.

  • Always have your keycard on you

People will do anything for added convenience. One company in Sweden is offering to implant its workers with microchips that function as swipecards allowing you to “open doors, operate printers, or buy smoothies with a wave of the hand.”

  • Achieve peak work-life balance

Europeans lead the way when it comes to banning out-of-hours working. It’s enshrined in French law and there’s a German auto-delete email assistant to make sure you return from holiday to an empty inbox. One Dutch company has gone even further…

  • No excuse for a messy desk, on-demand equipment is here

The desk phone is already dead (RIP!). Next to go will be our monitors and projectors with nano paint able to transform any surface in an electronic screen.

  • And finally… Say ‘goodbye’ to your commute

Take a 700mph trip on the Hyperloop whilst watching the world go by through augmented reality windows. Or you could just Zoom or Teams it instead.

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