Introducing our Google Eddystone news pilot

Google DNI - OtherWorld

We're pleased to announce that our next in-house project is to be funded by Google's Digital News Initiative (DNI).

OtherWorld™ is an experiment to deliver next generation news experiences using Google's proximity technology Eddystone.

It promises to transform people’s smartphones and wearable devices into proactive media companions, helping them discover the world around them through innovative storytelling. Using our service, anybody entering or passing a participating neighbourhood, business, venue or place of interest will proactively receive useful news stories, alerts and offers to their mobile phone. All without the need to download an app, presenting people with a next generation beacon experience and cities with new possibilities for digital placemaking.

OtherWorld GIF


The Digital News Initiative (DNI) is a $150m collaboration between Google and news publishers across Europe to support high quality journalism and encourage a more sustainable news ecosystem through technology and innovation.

Speaking about today's funding news, Stuart Goulden, Lead Consultant at Like No Other said:

"The prospect of adding an exciting new dimension to the way news is produced, packaged and consumed is incredibly exciting. We believe innovative local media outlets can play a special role in bringing people and place closer together, with contextual news enriching everyday life. The support of Google’s Digital News Initiative helps put this to the test."

A prototype of the OtherWorld™ digital news service is due to be launched in public beta in Summer 2017.

Keep in touch with the innovative Eddystone project at the OtherWorld website.

Stuart Goulden