Fast food gets faster: Two giants turn to tech

Convenience can transform the eating habits of even the staunchest food purist. With people living busier lives, the temptation to open up a delivery app or pick up something on the way home is getting harder to resist. We look at how the fast food giants are hitting back with innovation.

A recent study showed that 28% of the UK population now order more food deliveries than they did a year ago, with over 27 million orders taken in the last six months, half of which have been made by millennials.

Driving this trend is technology, with 44% of consumers using digital devices to place their food orders. More and more people also expect to be told the precise delivery time of their food as soon as they hit the order button.

With tech having transformed the way we make and track orders, it’s no surprise to see tech also bleeding into food marketing. Two recent campaigns have caught our attention.

Burger King’s Whopper Detour

McDonald’s is the undisputed champion of fast food, with 37,000 locations worldwide compared to Burger King’s 15,000. To disrupt any loyalty felt its bigger rival and to offset the added convenience of having so many restaurants, Burger King has been selling its Whopper hamburgers for $0.01, but only to customers within a 600-foot radius of a McDonald’s. Promixity marketing at its finest.

Whopper Detour 2018

To access the deal, people need to download the Burger King app and redirect to their closest McDonald’s. It will also give you directions on how to get there.

Dreamed up by FCB New York, the campaign ran for one week this December. Despite the short run it succeeded in driving both footfall and app downloads. The app was downloaded more than 2 million times in 48 hours and 150,000 one-cent Whoppers were.

If This, Then Domino’s

Not content with being the official food of everything, Domino’s latest campaign will automatically place your pizza order when certain scenarios present themselves.

Remove IFTTT then dominos

If , Then Domino’s is a partnership with automation tool IFTTT (if this, then that) asks for the personal and cultural events that you wish to trigger your “easy” pizza delivery order. Scenarios include: if snow hits; if there’s a power cut at your home; if your plane lands; if your favourite team is about to kick-off in a television game; if it’s 6pm on your anniversary or if you work past 9pm. There are thousands of possible events to choose from.

Remove If This, Then Domino's Marketing Campaign

By forming associations between Domino’s and the prominent or prevalent moments in people’s everyday lives, it broadens the possible entry points to an order and ringfences top-of-mind awareness.

The 60-year-old pizza company has made eliminating almost all the friction involved with placing an order a strategic priority, reducing what was once a 25-step process to zero clicks. It positions Domino’s well for the future, as nearly half of all food delivery consumers say they would order more food for delivery if improvements are made to the speed of service.

There are now 20 ways to order a pizza from Dominos – from tweeting a pizza icon to asking Alexa to do so on your behalf – keeping pizza a fun food with countless personalisation opportunities.

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